Brand story

Every almond represents a promise.

"Mom, I will raise you when you grow up, and I will take you around the world." It is as if we have promised to give our mother the best things in the world. As we grow older, the busyness of work makes us forget our childhood commitments.

Less than three days after returning home, the girl took a ski and a suitcase and set off on the road again, continuing her passion for skiing.

The greatest courage in a girl's life comes from her, a beautiful and touching mother. Growing up, she always said, "You choose what you want to do, as long as you are responsible for your choices."

In just 3 years, the girl went from being an actress to becoming an assistant coach of the Olympic ski team. The process from zero to one is not simple. The girl goes to class for 6 hours every day. After class, the temperature is minus 20 degrees. She practices until the last cable car goes down the mountain. She spends 12 hours a day in the snow field. She repeats it every day and persists. They also make girls achieve something.

When a girl is proud, she forgets her mother's existence, but when she has a complaint, she goes to her mother, just like she did when she was a child.

"Mom, I'm tired and don't want to go to school."

"Okay, I'll ask for leave for you."

"Mom, I want to eat chocolate"

"Buy it for you now, wait"

"Mom, help me iron my clothes!"

"How many items should I iron?"

We all take the love we take for granted. We all have a childhood when we just want to be free, and we all experience a youth where we try to be rebellious.

Until "when you find the spring water, you find that you have already drank it all."

Because of the epidemic, the girl returned to Hong Kong from Japan. When I got home, it turned out that my mother’s Parkinson’s disease was very serious. When walking, drag your steps step by step, and let your hands hang down without swinging. The girl looked at her mother, feeling sad and heartbroken.

Sometimes, we all walk too fast, but too rarely look back to see the one who is always following behind to support you. The girl knew that her willful time was over and she had to bear super responsibility, so she chose to stay.

Responsibility drives progress. The girl knows that if she simply does a job, she will not be able to provide her mother with a comfortable environment in the future.

Therefore, she embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship and started from scratch.

In September 2021, "Almond Dessert" was born.

"Apricot" not only brings the super food ─ almonds, but each almond represents a commitment to the body, a commitment to social responsibility, and a commitment to emotions.

"Xing" hopes to bring a little love and care to the gloomy global environment in 2021, and make every day a little more sweet.

"Apricot" uses "meat-free, 100% natural" and collects the world's top almonds and ingredients, advocates green and healthy, breaks the concept of unhealthy desserts, and allows you to have a close contact with the earth.

Other fruit ice series in the store use "slight sugar" or even "zero sugar", pure fructose.

"Apricot" is decorated with Morandi colors, integrating art with the earth, feeling the connection between all things on the earth, adding color to minimalism, giving you a warm and comfortable "home"

"Xing" also adheres to the principle of girls and has experienced countless research and development failures. It persists, improves, and self-examines until it makes a 100-point product.

Through standardized processes and quality control, you will have that familiar feeling and the pleasure of a knowing smile every time you come back.

At "Xing", you should feel attentively and appreciate the care and greetings our store staff give you, so that you can find "love" and the feeling of "home".

Every almond is not only the founder’s promise to his mother, but also a promise made by Xing to you.

Planning for your health is the mission of "Xing". With "Xing", we can give you and your family the sweetness of health.


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